Esther Dyson

In this wide-ranging interview, host Rob Wolcott talks with Esther Dyson about the future of health, artificial intelligence and retirement on Mars.


Foresight, Storytelling And Career Transitions: A Conversation With Beth Comstock

Join us as host Rob Wolcott speaks with Beth Comstock--most recently Vice Chair of General Electric--about story makers, story tellers, and the coming century of change.

For more than a decade I’ve been impressed by Beth Comstock’s ability to discover and champion new visions ahead of the market--but not too far ahead. Relevant business foresight requires not only reading weak signals and various plausible futures, but also determining when to act. The GE team has led awareness and action on many fronts--from Ecomagination to Healthymagination to Digital Twins-- in the ten years since I first met Beth.  Read more...